About NECA Members

The National Electrical Contractors Association, (NECA), is the voice of the $130 billion industry responsible for bringing electrical power, lighting, and communications to commercial and residential electrical projects throughout the United States.

NECA members are electrical contractors who work in all aspects of electrical construction.

NECA contractors hold a high standard for superior performance and are committed to delivering quality results.

NECA contractors are the experts at the top of their field. They know the latest technology. They take the time to understand your business unique electrical needs, and they find the innovative solutions to meet them.

NECA contractors employ the most highly trained and reliable workforce in the industry. They will get your job done right the first time, on time, without disrupting your business.

Why Hire a NECA Contractor for Your Electrical Needs?

Search electrical contractorsNECA Track Record ...

We boast a resume of work as impressive as it is diverse. Because our customers, both large and small, have come to the same conclusion: Their dollar goes farther and their overall experience goes better when our electrical contractor teams are on the project. In a competitive marketplace talk is cheap and performance is the only thing that matters. That's why the skill level of our workforce sets us apart from other electrical contractors.

NECA Training ...

The NECA apprentice training program produces journeymen that are the best in the world at what they do. This commitment guarantees you a electrical contracting company that is second to none, regardless of the project. Every year the NECA team commits more than 140 million dollars nationally to training. and that's just the beginning. Our electrical contractor apprentice program delivers skilled workers to your site. Our journeymen upgrade courses keep our workers abreast of the latest trends and advancements in the electrical contracting industry. This ensures you get the absolute most for every man hour on the job.

NECA Productivity ...

Quality electrical work performed efficiently. That is Productivity. The NECA is proud of the fact that our workers earn honest wages. Our customers get what they pay for and then some. Hire an NECA Contractor for your next job and experience the difference.

NECA Safety ...

Training is the muscle behind the NECA Team's attention to safety. Safety is important to our customers, our contractors and our workers. Safety is every bit important as the variety of electrical contracting services we provide. Safety is essential in keeping insurance costs down and preventing any injury that could slow down a job.

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What Our Clients Say

  • University of Georgia
    "... We are proud to have NECA as a partner of Georgia Athletics. Their electrical contractor are always professional and provide a quality workforce." Damon Evans,
    Athletic Director
  • YALE University
    "... Knowing we have a quality workforce and quality electrical contractors obviously makes my job much easier ... I'm pleased with that." Kemel Dawkins,
    Associate VP Facilities
  • CIGNA Insurance
    "... Over the years NECA contractors have delivered consistently and professionally on every electrical project." Byron Oliver,
    President Ret.

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