The Benefits of a NECA Membership

POWER IN NUMBERS ... NECA is the only infrastructure for Electrical Signatories in the country - period.

INDUSTRY SPECIFIC INFORMATION ... As it pertains to you in this specific local geographic region.

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES ... Some of our members compete daily, head to head in their own markets. They then get together to discuss our Industry. But in reality some of the strongest friendships (and business alliances) have sprung up between our members. Granted, it may not be from among members of your immediate area, but you would be surprised at the number of contractors in complimentary market niches and from your own niche in other geographical areas who have a lot in common with YOU. Regular meetings, conferences and seminars are held with many like minded friends and professionals.

LEARNING RESOURCES ... Seminars and resources geared towards the Electrical Contractor

HELPLINE ... We are here to help you with any questions you may have to assist with the day to day running of your business, whether it be a technical matter, employment related, legal or anything you need advice on.

WAGE AND WELFARE BONDS ... Referral to Florida State Registered Insurance brokers

WEBSITE LISTING ... All of our members are listed on our website.

BE HEARD BY GOVERNMENT ... Florida State Legislative and Lobbyist ... Did you ever wish something about this industry was different? Did you ever think to yourself "if only we could". We can't make promises, but we can try. Professional staff works in area, state and national venues to try to implement your ideas and thoughts ... If you want to raise industry issues that you feel need to be heard, talk to us. We are the recognized group for the electrical industry and handle all submissions on legislation and government issues that concern the industry you make a living from.

The State of Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation, Division of Professions, Electrical Contracting Licensing Board ... www.myflorida .com. Rules, regulations and updates on state mandated issues.

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